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Thank you for considering a trip to Philadelphia to join our celebration. We know that travel can sometimes be a pain in the ass, and we want you to enjoy our city, especially if it’s your first time visiting. Recommendations for non-love-party-time are forthcoming.

Saturday events (the main ones) will all take place in the Fishtown neighborhood. While there aren’t many affordable hotels in the immediate vicinity, there are many AirBnB and Sonder properties, as well as some higher-budget boutique hotels.

If you prefer a traditional, chain hotel that is near us by car, consider the Holiday Inn on Delaware Ave. If you care more about atmosphere and would like to experience more of Philadelphia, we might recommend Yowie, Alexander Inn, or Club Quarters (all diff neighborhoods). We have not yet had the chance to book blocks at any of these! Bug us if you’re concerned.

Please note that parking can be difficult in our city at times, but not impossible. Also, Philadelphians are often aggressive drivers. 

For those flying in for the first time, note that the Philadelphia airport does have a train that loops into the city’s main transportation system. A rideshare from the airport to our neighborhood costs $30-50, depending on the time.